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Monday, June 14, 2010

Amore Bride Wine Decorations

Photo and products by AmoreBride at

Go to Amore Bride's store on and you'll find these beautiful rings to put around your favorite wine bottles to decorate your tables quickly and easily.  The high quality silk flowers provide interesting centerpieces for your casual wedding.


Decorative Chalkboards said...

This is really a wonderfully decorated wine bottles. It can surely enhance the beauty of the event if it is placed as a centerpiece. It is a inexpensive and creative idea to decorate. Thanks a lot.

Decorative Chalkboards

Nancy Vecchione said...

Glad you liked them--so easy and inexpensive for a bride on a budget. Plus if you read my blog you know I excel at EASY DIY projects! If it's not easy I'm not likely to do it. It doesn't mean I won't suggest trying something harder, but for me to execute it, it has to be easy to do.