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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Test Your Linen Choices Before You Order--A Virutal Tool Helps You Out

Searching for the perfect tablecloth is a lot easier now with this great tool provided by BBJ Linens called the "Design Your Event Table" virtual tool.  This tool allows you to try different tablecloths, napkins, types of chairs and chair accessories before you order them.  Perfect for event planners as well as the DIY bride when it comes to those crucial decisions. 

Unfortuantely they don't have it set up so you can add your flowers, china and crystal choices, but I'm sure it's in the works, if not at this site then somewhere else!

Table Presentation: Use Color To Make Your Reception Look Pop

Tablecloths, napkins and tablerunners can give your reception a burst of color and interest. The following looks are all from (Note, the red and white braided runner was made by braiding material the bride picked up at the material store, an easy DIY addition to her table design.)


Friday, May 28, 2010

Eye-Catching Wedding Bouquets

Even if you are going to cut back in other areas of your flowers, the bride's bouquet should still standout.  These flowers from Brilliant Event Planning's blog will draw every eye and make your bouquet a memorable one.
All Photos Courtesy of's/ blog.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Brown and Pink Wedding? Try this combo.

Planning a wedding around pinks and browns? Try these floral additions to your decor.  These are all from River Dell Flowers and Gifts.

If you want to create a feeling of peace and harmony choosing pink flowers for your centerpieces is an excellent choice.  Pinks range from pale pink Asiatic lilies or roses to vibrant hot pink gerbera daisies. A table centerpiece might mix pink stock, larkspur and lisianthus with hot pink and light pink roses or combine light pink with unusual browns.  Whatever you choose your day will be beautiful.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Add Apples and Berries to Rock Your Centerpieces

This striking centerpiece that pulls together apples, roses, greenery and other assorted flowers and grapes is eye-catching and not too hard for a DIY bride to duplicate.  Some careful placement of the fruit and flowers makes it exciting and easy.

Flowers to Carry

Photos courtesy of: and Browse Bouqets

These floral designs to carry for the day of your wedding are elegant, classic and beautiful.  Go for strong statements and show off those flowers.


Creative Floral Designs

Check out this web site filled with creative flowers, bouquets and other flowers for your wedding.  They are colorful, creative and incredibly beautifully designed.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red and Green Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

This beautiful centerpiece of greens, roses and dried pomegranites is one you could easily put together as long as you know how to dry pomegranites at home.  Pomegranates add sophistication and style to your floral arrangements.  Garlands, wreaths or door swags with pomegranates also makes a stunning decorations. When you are using pomegranites for decorating select pomegranates by color, size and general appearance.  Enhance their color and texture by polishing them by applying a light coat of cooking oil to the surface. Remove excess with a paper towel, then buff the surface until it shines.  Dried whole pomegranates will last for months and can make beautiful year-round decorations.  Choose fruit that does not have any cracks or bruises since damaged fruit will not preserve as well. Place them wide apart on a wire rack so that they get plenty of air circulation and leave them for several weeks. The pomegranates will dry by releasing moisture through their crowns. Add a floral pick and wire the pomegranite.  Then fill in around them with roses and greenery.  The Pom web site has other ways to use pomegranites in your centerpieces.  Take a look.  You just might find an easy but unique centerpiece for your wedding.   

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thinking Flowers?

Don't just think of bouquets and centerpieces. Remember you can add edilbe flowers to your salads, as garnish to your entrees, or on top of desserts. This unique use of flower can set your wedding apart from all the others. Check out the web site:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yellow Theme and Picnics

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of\

Photo courtesy of\

Photo courtesy of

Having an outdoor picnic style wedding or reception?  These yellow and green flowers are the perfect accents!  Also the vintage containers (see below)(Photos courtesy of will add a vintage look to your day.  I love the table cards!  Perfect for a wedding in a park or garden!