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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet

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If you know a bride who wants to learn how to make her own wedding bouquet, consider ordering a copy of "How to Create A European Wrap Bouquet". This DVD is a great gift for the newly engaged bride. Having the DVD will take the mystery (and terror) out of designing your own wrap bouquet. You can see a preview of the flower arranging DVD on their homepage or just go ahead and order it from the order page.

Inexpensive Orchids?

Photo of Orchids from Whole Foods

If you want to use orchids in your wedding bouquet or even for your centerpieces, consider buying whole plants at Home Depot or Whole Foods.  This will often save you quite a bit of money over ordering them by the stem. And this way you'll have the plants to enjoy as they bloom year after year. 

Bridal Bouquets Sporting Succulents

Succulents and Rose Bridal Bouquet Courtesy of

Succulents have become one of the hot additions to bridal bouquets.  Whether they are green, brown, coral or purples they all offer that little something extra to the look of your bouquet.

Thistles, hydrangas, iris.  From: