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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hearts and Flowers Has A New Home

Blog posts that formerly would have been posted on Hearts and Flowers will have a new home and will now be posted on WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides. This is an attempt to consolidate all your wedding information on one site.

I hope if you are following me here you will join me on WDW(Wedding Day Weekly) and enjoy my posts there. Thank you for reading. These posts will remain up for your convenience.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love In A Bottle

Photo from Threadsence
Looking for a way to decorate a wall for your ceremony or reception? Try this six foot long Botanical Garden Bottle Garland.  It has twelve small bottles attached to a galvanized wire that you can attach to a wall or hang over your head, and fill with the flowers of your choice. Each flower is like a little bit of love in each bottle. Mix up the colors or use all the same color, it's all up to you.
Photos from Threadsence, linked above.
It's probably easiest to fill these tiny two inch bottles with silks so you don't need to worry about water. Sometimes a delicate addition shows to a better advantage than huge showy displays. What do you think? Drape one or two on the wall behind you or overhead. So pretty!
Just be sure you realize just how tiny these bottles are. Only 2", which is why I suggest using more than one for a more dramatic look.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oudoor Wedding Project? To Do Or Not?

Photo courtesy of Turtle Pond, posted on Pinterest
Are you planning an outdoor wedding? While the photo above might be taking it a little over the top if you are trying to keep expenses down, it certainly is a good place to start thinking. 
Chandeliers are very popular recently and you might be able to find some that aren't real but that would give you 'the look.'
The 'altar' is a perfect starting point for someone who is out checking garage sales for 'just the right piece' to use at their wedding. The bonus? It will be perfect in your new home as well!
The draping is basically huge curtains hung high to give the illusion of a cathedral. All of this you can do yourself.
The flowers I admit, I'd call a good florist for, some projects are easier for a professional to do!
All in all I thought this was a great photo to inspire you to start thinking about how you want your outdoor wedding area to look. What do you think? Could you pull this together?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bible Bouquets - A Irish Tradition

Bridal Bible Bouquet or Prayer Book Bouquet
Many brides opt to carry a bridal Bible or Prayer Book Bouquet for their wedding. This tradition started in Northern Ireland. Many Irish families had family bibles and it was a way to for the bride to honor her family. Famous brides have also carried prayer book bouquets. Grace Kelly carried one at her wedding to Prince Ranier.
Today many Christian brides carry a bible or prayer book as a symbol of their faith. You can add flowers or ribbons or a combination of the two.
Just another option for your wedding day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Succulent Bouquet

In love with succulents but don't want a whole bouquet of them? This bride's florist has managed to combine succulents with purple and white flowers and green and white leaves to make a stunning bouquet. I don't suggest throwing a bouquet with succulents, rather have your florist make a toss bouquet from silks.
And if you are looking for a great photographer, look no farther than adi nevo photographs. They take stunning photos that will help you remember your wedding day with the most glorious photos you can imagine! Visit adi nevo photographs site here. They have more succulent ideas for you here (click the drop box and watch each of the choices). There are a large assortment of varied bridal bouquets as well as circlets for a flower girl made with succulents that is stunning. It is the lucky bride who signs on the dotted line with adi nevo photographs for her wedding.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Floral Pearl Pins Are A Must!

Want to make your wedding bouquet stand out? Wrap the stems, cover with ribbon and encircle with a contrasting belt and the pièce de résistance -- finish off the bottom with pearl floral pins. This makes your bouquet look like a million bucks when it really only costs a few extra cents. Thank to The Wedding Bee for this photo and idea. (Beez Designs, the florist listed and credited by The Wedding Bee, no longer has a web page.)
Would love to carry these down the aisle! But if you are throwing your bouquet, I recommend leaving the pearl topped pins off the bouquet you have made to toss!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wedding Bouquets Go From Standard to Standout!

Photo from Style Me Pretty Photo by Ned Jackson Photography

A little bit of pearl,  a tiny glittery butterfly, shell flowers, and some feather fringe accent your wedding bouquet and take it from standard to standout. This bouquet will bring tears to your eyes!

Quoted in Style Me Pretty the bride said "For my bouquet, I created some shell flowers by adhering small pink petal-shaped shells to pearl bead centers and then mounted each one to a separate wire to make it easy for our florist, Katie McConnell, to incorporate them into the feather- fringed fresh floral bouquet."

In this instance the bride's creativity and the florist's skill blended to make a standout bouquet for the bride to carry on her wedding day.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ideas

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony

Having a wedding that isn't in a church and need a backdrop? Vintage doors are a wonderful answer. below find some ideas offered by Intimate Weddings. Be sure to secure the door so it will stay up in a brisk wind for safety. 

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony
courtesy of Intimate Weddings

Visit their web site to see yet more ideas (creative bunch aren't they?) And not only that, they have ideas for brides to incorporate into their weddings that won't break the bank--my favorite kind!

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony
courtesy of Intimate Weddings

Want a broader backdrop? Or to frame the scenery in the background? Try stinging banners between two distressed doors! Perfect backdrop for your 'I do's." 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tall Centerpieces With Candles

Read more about this and similar designs on WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides. The bulk of this blog in the future will be posted there, although one photo from each post will be posted here until people get used to the change. So come on over to WDW, there are lots of fun wedding posts there too!

Monday, June 18, 2012

More Topiary--This Time For A Beach Wedding

Seashell Topiary from RSH Catalog

Planning a beach wedding close to the holidays? These seashell topiary are the perfect choice. Whether you purchase them pre-made from RSH Catalog or make your own, these eye-catching centerpieces are perfect for using on every table or for your gift table and your place card table.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Unusual Vases

Photo from Elegant Bride 2009
Visit Elegant Bride Online at

Don't you love these crystal vases? Add some simple white flowers and they make the perfect centerpiece. Floral designers agree that a great vase adds a luxe look to your flowers. So look at these crystal vases...gorgeous!

But look again--they aren't lead crystal, they're ice crystals! All these displays are carved from ice giving your tables a dramatic look without the investment in lead crystal. No Waterford or Orrefors here. Just their ice counterparts.  They evolve as your wedding reception does, changing ever so slightly as they melt. Consider finding a good ice carver who can bring your wedding from the great to the incredible!

The ice designs shown here are from Okamoto Studios. These are not inexpensive, so you may want to consider using just one on the bridal party's table. Go with regular crystal on the guest tables. Or if you want to splurge  (or are having a small wedding) go for the ice art!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Everything Peacock For Weddings

These bridesmaid bouquets made from peacock feathers are a perfect example of Ashley Lasiter's art. These feather bouquets won't wilt on a hot day. They are bright and bold and make their own statement. Ashley will wrap the handles in any color you like.

At just $20 each these bouquets are inexpensive and eye-catching all in one!

Etsy artisan, Ashley Lasiter if from San Antonio Texas and designs for Oh So Sassy Boutique. She loves all things peacock! Perfect for the bride who knows what she wants, and it isn't what everyone else has!

And the bride carried peacock feathers as well! Ashley didn't forget the bride. See her bridal bouquet, made with crystals and feathers, perfect peacock accents!

So you whole bridal party can carry peacock bouquets. There are also boutonierres for the men and corsages for the mother of the bride and groom

Looking for a way to integrate peacock feathers into your outdoor ceremony? Try these kissing balls crafted by Ashley as well that are hung from shepherd's crooks. They designate the aisle and rows of chairs as well as adding a splash of color to your outdoor ceremony venue. They take those ho-hum folding chairs to the next level!

Also if you are having a flower girl consider having Ashley craft her a small kissing ball covered with peacock feathers to carry down the aisle instead of strewing petals. She'll love having something she can keep forever once the wedding is over.

Ashley has other peacock options as well, so visit her Etsy store and browse all day.  You don't want to overdo the peacock feathers, so choose with care!

See peacock inspiration boards on my post here and peacock feather wreath.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Trailing Wrist Corsage For Bridesmaids

Flower Girl Florist - the place to go for unique floral displays and body art. This wrist corsage with trailing orchids is stunning. No ordinary bouquet for this bridesmaid (or mother of the bride.) The addition of a butterfly and some leaves add to the display. Let me know what your favorite design from Flower Girl Florist is, see mine on WDW(Wedding Day Weekly) Blogging for Brides.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flower Girl Inspiration Board


An inspiration board of things for your flower girl to carry down the aisle! Individual photos from Style Me Pretty.

Whether she is strewing rose petals or other flower petals, having a great basket or carrier is key.

The hard thing with this group of photos? Choosing just one! Can you do it? What's your favorite? I'm still 'on the fence.'

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love All Over Again!

Fall in love all over again when you see this beautiful bouquet--purple throated flowers give it a multi-dimensional look that pulls every eye to the bride on this special day! Sometimes you fall in love at first sight... this is one of those times (oh, I didn't mean with your groom!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Peacock Wreath

Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

Are you a peacock bride? Do you want to add some bright colored feathers to your decor? Your bouquet? Your centerpieces? HGTV has a wreath that is sure to please! Bright colors, great texture, perfect for decorating! Not only that, you can make one yourself! Oh yeah! Just the thing! Inexpensive wow factors for your wedding!

Just go to HGTV's site and look for their easy Christmas crafts. There it is! The whole tutorial is there and available for you, step by step. Simple. Easy. Yes, this is an EEEBCDI! (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It). Which for those of you who read my DIY blog know means I tested how easy it was to execute by having my husband attempt to pull it off and have it look great. So yes, this is easy, so grab your groom and have him help you out!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Decorating Your Aisle

Source: via Roberta on Pinterest

Every aisle needs a way to decorate each row of chairs or pews. While this trick won't work on a pew, it will work on rows of chairs. Love the way the tulle has been wound around the black chairs for the aisle decorations. It might take a little practice but it should be pretty easy to pull off! Pick up three colors of tulle at your favorite fabric store and get to work. A lot less expensive than having flowers at the end of each row and the combination of colors! Looks so so good!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lanterns Light Up Your Life

Lanterns light up your life, and your wedding! I'm liking these pretty in pink lanterns accented with black! Perfect for that very feminine bride. What do you think? Would you just love to have some of these?  Wedding? Shower? Or even just at home?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Easy Wedding Ceremony DIY Backdrop

Need an inexpensive way to decorate the altar or make a backdrop for your ceremony? Martha Stewart Weddings shows you how to decorate for your ceremony (or for your reception) on a budget.

She suggests using baby's breath as an inexpensive option to more expensive orchids and roses. These pretty and inexpensive flowers are dainty and feminine and perfect for a wedding. Add some ribbon on the wreaths and to hang the largest wreath and just drape your floral garland. 

For directions head to Martha's site for how to take some simple basic wreath forms and turn it into this spectacular swag.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Way To Show Off Succulents At Your Wedding

Source: via Jill's on Pinterest

Planning on succulent centerpieces for your wedding? Why not do a three tiered look? Look how easy it is to put this look together... a few rocks, a few succulents, some moss and you have it made!  DIY that's so easy even I can do it (the queen of the black thumbs when it comes to plants!) I'd add a few more colorful succulents, but it's up to you. Isn't being the bride great? YOU are in charge! Take advantage of it!

Perfect for a casual wedding or just for your living room! Hearts and Flowers loves succulents! Do you? Do you have a favorite succulent display or bouquet? Leave the link, show it off!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paper Pompoms?

Paper pompoms are perfect for your bridesmaids to carry (or even for the bride!) Another product from my favorite  Where creative brides go so they have time to enjoy their engagement and let someone else do the hardwork of a DIY-look wedding! Re-use, re-cycle, and save money! Fabulous idea!

Lingerie For Your Bridal Bouquet?

Lingerie for a bridal bouquet! What a great idea! Do you love this look? Found all these ideas on La Papeterie Diva! Nothing like adding a little ribbon and bling to your bouquet!

This group of bouquets almost look like they are lingerie for your bouquet! Hmm, that's a new idea! Love the bottom photo!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue and Green Succulent Display

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Do you love succulents? Looking for some with an unusual color scheme? This setting is perfect for a wedding with blues and greens. I'm in love, I don't know about you! I found this on Pinterest... if anyone knows the actual source let me know! I'd love to credit them(and see what else they've created!)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Decorating The Stairway To Your Wedding

Does your venue have some clean wooden steps that are just begging for decoration? This New Zealand company has solved the problem for you! Whether you need decorations for some interior or exterior steps, these tall vases catch your eye and add some wow to your wedding day!

Be sure to check out this web site for lots of other great ideas for decorating for your wedding day. You could spend an entire day enjoying this site! WTG Flaming Petal!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poppin' Poppies

Red poppies and blue vases, the perfect compliments to the blue and white stripe table cloth. If you're having a casual wedding outdoors these bright colors, completed with red votives, make your table pop!

You can add a table number to the display, just ask your florist for some of the 'forks' they use to add to floral displays when they deliver them. These make it easy to add to a floral display, but still keep your table numbers in place.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peacock Palette Inspiration Board

Peacock Power! And a peacock color inspiration board to match. Peacock colors at weddings seem to be one of the most popular options for weddings. Whether you use their feathers, the colors, wear a diamond banked by sapphines or assorted other ideas, peacocks are popular with brides.  Oh, and don't forget, a few live peacocks will liven up your reception!

Top: Peacock image from Flickr, bridesmaids dresses via
Middle: Green hydrangeas wedding bouquet courtesy of Blooms by Martha Andrews, blue and green satin slipper shoes via Kate Kelly Photography, blue dahlia ring from Floria of, diamond and sapphire engagement ring courtesy of Kate Kelly Photography.
Bottom: Letterpress invitation from Bella Figura, groomsmen photo op courtesy of Our Labor of Love, white satin wedding shoes courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photography, peacock feather headpiece from Piper Riley Designs via

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lanterns and Floral Centerpieces

Looking for a different way to combine candlelight and flowers? Try these floral lanterns. Easy to make. Order simple lanterns, some flowers and white candles.  Take a little time to put them together yourself or have your florist do it. I'm not a big fan of having to put together centerpieces on the day of your wedding unless you have a friend or family member who isn't in the wedding party who you can trust to pull it all together and 'get them to the church on time' or in this case, the reception.

Periwinkle and Blue Inspiration Board

Looking for a periwinkle and sky blue inspiration board? Here you go! Am in love with the shoes and the flowers! And the cake at the top, unusual to see blue on a cake! The Knot suggests hiring a lighting pro to accent these bold colors...great idea! Add the blue and purple succulent post to this! Perfect color combos!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robin's Egg Blue Wedding?

It's not Tiffany blue or a more aggressive cobalt, or even a nautical navy, instead it's the more refined and unique look of robin's egg blue that accent this wedding. 
Whether you choose to use the color in the bow on your wedding gown or bags for your wedding favors or out of town guests, the color confers a look of understated elegance on your wedding day.
My favorite? The bow on the bouquet and the decorated swing the ring bearer is standing on.  Both make great photos and add that little something extra to your wedding.  Whether it's the elegance of the bow on your bouquet or the relaxed look having a swing confers on your picnic wedding robin's egg blue brings a natural look to your big day. 
The flower girl almost looks like she's wearing denim, no frou frou Cinderella dress for her.  No, this is a little lady who is conceding to leave her jeans at home in deference to your day, but who isn't about to get dressed up like 'little bride.' She keeps her own personality and adds panache to the look of your day.
Birds nests and terrariums act as centerpieces on your tabletops.  And the wedding cake is a simple two tier cake with blue buttercream icing with cream colored edging. Simple. Understated. Elegant.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty Pink Velvet For Winter Weddings

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Having a pink winter wedding? Why not try adding some velvet ribbon to wrap your bouquet in?  Martha Stewart shows a velvet tied bouquet using cockscomb, calla lilies, and sweet pea. Visit Martha Stewart Weddings for more info and other great wedding ideas.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunflower Themed Wedding Inspiration Board

Lily of The Valley Bouquet for a Bride

Photo courtesy of Nancy Saam Flowers

I love these lily of the valley flowers in this bouquet.  Delicate, simple, but with each small bell another facet of your love for each other.  This is not a DIY bouquet.  The lily of the valley are a bit tougher to work with than roses, daisies or carnations.  But I have to admit, they are stunning! The designer at Nancy Saam did a spectacular job!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Perfect Pink and Red Combo

Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

This centerpiece is the perfect pink and red flower combination! Are you having a pink or red wedding? This beautiful centerpiece is both eye-catching and dramatic. If you're having a pink wedding or one with pink and red accents, and have a great pink or red centerpiece, please post some links, Valentine's Day weddings are coming up soon!