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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bouquets, The Day After

One bride decided to perch her bouquet on top of her bird feeder to encourage birds to stop and eat some of their nectar or honey.  While filling her feeder with some nice, juicy black oil sunflower seeds might attract yet more birds, her flowers certainly add a certain amount of 'class' to the neighborhood!

What creative things have you done with your bouquet the day after the wedding?  I know mine sat in my frig (I know, I know, I AM SO NOT creative...I had plans just lacked the execution.)  I'm sure you have some better ideas.  Share them with everyone--I just love it when someone posts a great idea!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peach and Texas Tequila Wedding

This simple wedding cake from a Texas wedding draws every eye without being overly ornate.  Peach color flowers decorated the cake and guests were served ice cream cones with peach ice cream (yum!).  The wedding had a vintage look but the taste! You'll wish you'd been there. 

They also served Texas beers and alcohol.  See photo below. 

I guess there are some things you never see unless you go to Texas, a state shaped tequila bottle is one of them.  How boring to live in Pennsylvania like I do, the bottle wouldn't look very interesting! Photos by Anne Marie Photography.  (Wedding also on Style Me Pretty and Bella Figura)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

J-E-L-L-O! Centerpieces Bill Cosby Would Love!

Having a casual wedding or a wedding shower and looking for a memorable and fun way to decorate your tables? Why not try these JELL-O centerpieces from Rachael Ray? Ya gotta know Bill Cosby would love these things! 

The folks over at Kraft Foods can help you make this easy and inexpensive centerpiece that use six boxes of their J-ello, a few flowers and some vases from your favorite craft store or dollar store. Evette Rios, one of the design gurus at Rachael's show, elevates this jiggly, translucent dessert to an artistic centerpiece. 

Directions from Rach's web site say: Combine six boxes of Jell-O powder with half the amount of water specified, chill the mix in a glass vase for half an hour, then just push flowers into the semi-firm gelatin. How easy could it be? Use flowers, sliced citrus, anything your imagination can think of for this JELL-O-istic fun centerpiece.  I suggest sticking with lighter colors because darker ones won't let the flowers show through as easily.  Bet you all your guests will be asking you 'how to' make them after the party. 

Even if you don't use this for a wedding related party think what fun it would be to make with your kids for the next time Grandma comes to dinner! A totally kid-friendly project!