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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bouquets, The Day After

One bride decided to perch her bouquet on top of her bird feeder to encourage birds to stop and eat some of their nectar or honey.  While filling her feeder with some nice, juicy black oil sunflower seeds might attract yet more birds, her flowers certainly add a certain amount of 'class' to the neighborhood!

What creative things have you done with your bouquet the day after the wedding?  I know mine sat in my frig (I know, I know, I AM SO NOT creative...I had plans just lacked the execution.)  I'm sure you have some better ideas.  Share them with everyone--I just love it when someone posts a great idea!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peach and Texas Tequila Wedding

This simple wedding cake from a Texas wedding draws every eye without being overly ornate.  Peach color flowers decorated the cake and guests were served ice cream cones with peach ice cream (yum!).  The wedding had a vintage look but the taste! You'll wish you'd been there. 

They also served Texas beers and alcohol.  See photo below. 

I guess there are some things you never see unless you go to Texas, a state shaped tequila bottle is one of them.  How boring to live in Pennsylvania like I do, the bottle wouldn't look very interesting! Photos by Anne Marie Photography.  (Wedding also on Style Me Pretty and Bella Figura)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

J-E-L-L-O! Centerpieces Bill Cosby Would Love!

Having a casual wedding or a wedding shower and looking for a memorable and fun way to decorate your tables? Why not try these JELL-O centerpieces from Rachael Ray? Ya gotta know Bill Cosby would love these things! 

The folks over at Kraft Foods can help you make this easy and inexpensive centerpiece that use six boxes of their J-ello, a few flowers and some vases from your favorite craft store or dollar store. Evette Rios, one of the design gurus at Rachael's show, elevates this jiggly, translucent dessert to an artistic centerpiece. 

Directions from Rach's web site say: Combine six boxes of Jell-O powder with half the amount of water specified, chill the mix in a glass vase for half an hour, then just push flowers into the semi-firm gelatin. How easy could it be? Use flowers, sliced citrus, anything your imagination can think of for this JELL-O-istic fun centerpiece.  I suggest sticking with lighter colors because darker ones won't let the flowers show through as easily.  Bet you all your guests will be asking you 'how to' make them after the party. 

Even if you don't use this for a wedding related party think what fun it would be to make with your kids for the next time Grandma comes to dinner! A totally kid-friendly project!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rustic Futuristic Flowers

Looking for a rustic centerpiece with a futuristic look? I found this one on Pinterest. Save your wine carafes (yes, you'll have to force yourself to drink all that wine (or better yet, have a party and use it all up!) and reuse them as vases. Then try using paper flowers similar to the ones you've seen in other posts either here or on Do It Yourself Wedding Planning.  Here are the links: try this one, this one, and this one(a wreath).  You can also find more paper flowers all over  Some are made from crepe paper, others from old books and newspapers.

Flowers made from crepe paper, old books or newspaper or a combineation of the two are more eco-friendly than some of their very pretty but pricey live counterparts.  For instance consider the price you'd pay for those fancy roses flown in from Ecuador, not just the dollars but the carbon footprint you'd leave behind.

Your paper flowers are also a nice memento of your wedding day; you can use them in your home long after you wedding is over. 

Paper flowers aren't just for centerpieces.  Some Etsy artists can make an entire wedding bouquet from paper flowers.

So if you're looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding use paper flowers, reuse old wine carafes, and add some branches you can find outside.  Less expensive, better for the ecology... if every bride tried to reuse items instead of buying new items for decorating at her wedding we would save more than just money!  So don't just love this rustic and futuristic centerpiece because it's pretty, love it because it's GREEN!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Italian Centerpiece

This centerpiece photographed by Katie Leonard Photography, Gainesville, florist unknown, shown on The Knot is perfect for the DIY'er planning a wedding with an Italian theme. Metal decorative pasta cans or other Italian advertising tins make perfect vases for gerbera daisies and colored babies breath.  

Looking for more ideas for Italian theme weddings? Go to Italian Weddings 101 for a variety of ideas on planning an Italian wedding.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Flower At Every Plate And In Your Tea Cup?

If you're planning to have a single flower at each place-setting why not add this attractive rose design fold for the napkins?  Just add it to the tea cup and include some greenery around it.  So pretty, yet not pricey at all! Rose photo from America Online.

For other great ideas on ways to fold napkins try this site.  Don't forget to envision the difference color will make to your folded napery.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rustic Fall Centerpiece

This rustic fall centerpiece for your wedding (or you table for Thanksgiving) was designed by inflowerInflower can do everything from this rustic look to very elaborate and formal centerpieces and bouquets.  Visit their web page to see!  To see a variety of their designs check under the header 'Events.'

Moss and Pinar Wreath You Can Make Yourself

You can reate this beautiful autumn arrangement with items from Candles 4 Less!  You can change the color of the flowers you use or any of the details to suit yourself, but this is an inexpensive way to put together a centerpiece for your rustic wedding.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding Topiary On Wheels

Decorate your wedding day transportation to look like The Rose Parade! Even if you don't live in Pasadena these topiary on wheels will be one of the highlights of your wedding day. Yes it will take some serious dedication but the photos will be incredible! Granted, you need to carefully protect the paint job on your car, but what fun!  Photos courtesy of The Lovely Plants.

Luxury Bridal Bouquets

Luxurious Wedding Accessories offers custom hand made silk fabric bridal bouquets designed to keep forever. Each flower is cut by hand individually to create customized flowers in varying shades. Then the flowers are highlighted using a variety of rhinestones, crystals and genuine freshwater pearls. Consider choosing this luxurious accessory for your big day. Custom colors are available on request.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fancy Cover For A Hand-Tied Bouquet

Premier Packaging offers brides and their florists this 'premier' way to cover the stems of their hand wrapped wedding bouquet! Called a bouquet cozy, this hides those ugly stems while you walk down the aisle on your wedding day! This isn't as inexpensive as wrapping with some ribbon but the look you get is elegant and feminine, and very bridal!

Yellow Orchids For Your Wedding

WDW has some great yellow and white ideas for your wedding flowers, but here are two more, courtesy of MSW.  As usual, Martha shows us all just how to do it RIGHT!  The bouquet has yellow Phalaenopsis and Miltonia and orange Oncidium orchids combined with wild flowers, abutilons, bunnytail grass and loose roses.  

Here this large centerpiece (also from Martha Stewart Weddings) features Cymbidium, Masdevallia, and Miltonia orchids, plus yellow tree peonies and garden roses. Smaller terra-cotta pots filled with Cymbidium and Masdevallia varieties, set on either side, carry the theme down the length of the table. It keeps the centerpiece low enough so that guests on either side of the table can easily see each other and converse. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Peacocks and Purple

Brides love peacock colors but most of the time you see the blues highlighted.  These inspiration boards highlight the gorgeous purple hues you can use with a peacock theme.  So think a little outside the box if you're planning a peacock wedding, and go purple instead of blue/greens. 

Photos courtesy of Whimsy & Wise Events.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peacock Feather Gilt Foliage in Holiday Centerpieces

This up to date centerpiece marries peacock feathers and metallics with the softness of hydrangeas.  Design Master uses 24KT Pure Gold and sprays it into a crumpled paper towel then wipes it over leaf surfaces.  Re-spray as needed.  Let dry.  Gilt foliage! Then spray hydrangeas with Glitter Gold and let dry.  For more specifically detailed tutorial go to Design Master.  This results is a centerpiece perfect for the holiday season wedding!

Sheaf Thrill

Wheat adds a harvest element to a radiant fall bouquet.

This gathering of grains and florals appears to be hand-tied, it is actually arranged in a bouquet holder. A foam-filled holder will maintain hydration for the unique seasonal collection, despite the occasionally hazy heat of autumn. This bouquet is great for outdoor events or those scheduled in ultra chic rural venues. For specific directions go to Florists Review.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wow Flowers!

Planning on having long tables at your wedding? Think about this hydrangea 'hedge' running down the center of your tables.  Talk about WOW factor!  The low 'hedge' of flowers run down the center with tiny votives at each place setting.  This photo is courtesy of Brilliant Event Planning.  I'd love to know how they made the flower 'train' at the end! I know this is going to be expensive but... I think I'm in love!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Succulents for Weddings Have Gone Mainstream

A few years ago using succulents was an offbeat addition to a wedding bouquet.  Today succulents are widely used by brides who are in the know and who like an edgy look.  The above bouquet is from this site which has some offbeat ideas but traditional brides are edging in on their ideas more and more everyday. 

Some brides carry succulents, some use succulents for centerpieces.  Whichever you  choose to do it's sure to be noteworthy.

I totally fell in love with the bouquet above.  The colors and design of the bride's bouquet will have guests talking about them and raving! This photo from Floral: JL Designs photo by Stephanie Williams. 

Whatever look you go for, seriously consider including succulents in your floral design for your wedding. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Succulents--The Highlight of Modern Wedding Bouquets

Succulents are one of the new trends in wedding 'flowers.'  One reason brides and their florists love using succulents in wedding bouquets is they don't need much water and are unusually hardy plants. 

Wedding colors have changed from the pinks and blues of yesteryear to the more modern peach, orange, pink, and coffee combinations.  This bouquet mixes the traditional elements with the more contemporary ones.  Cafe au lait colored bridesmaid gowns are the perfect foil for this peach, pink and yellow combination of traditional flowers and alternative color choices (seen above).  This bouquet contains a blend of traditional and alternative elements combined in this artistic arrangement of garden roses, paniculata hydrangeas, bittersweet, and scabiosa pods.  Photo and concept from Wedding Bouquets by Style--Martha Stewart Weddings.

Another succulent option courtesy of Martha Stewart is the hand-tied bouquet above. Succulents resembling flowers are the perfect combined with spotted phalaenopsis orchids. The assortment of succulents shown above is wired and tucked among columbine, white-and-pink ranunculus, and plum-colored tulips.

This white floral bouquet with varying shades of green is perfect for the bride who wants a bouquet free from color.  Fresh millet, bay laurel, and succulents are combined in this bouquet full of natural beauty.  For the link to Martha's site where you can find this and other succulent bouquets click here.

Read through the rest of this blog and The Wedding Queen's blog for more succulent wedding bouquets and centerpieces. 

And The Bride Carried Blue - Flowers That Is

Brides who love blue will want to carry this blue delphinium hand-tied bouquet.  Perfect for a bride who loves the hand-tied look and who wants that garden wedding effect. 

For brides who don't want the cascading look, here's another blue delphinium bouquet, not quite as large and heavy, but still with that garden party look.

If you like a denser look with some additional flowers and greens introduced, this blue delphinium bouquet from The Knot might be your bouquet of choice.

Photo of flowers by Holly Chapple flowers

For bouquet that is a mix of blue and white, this creative florist used white tulips, light and dark blue hydrangea, white mini callas, white stock, blue delphinium and blue triteleia. The bouquet is finished off with satin ribbon and pins for that hand-tied bouquet look. 

No matter which blue bouquet is your favorite, you'll have your 'something blue' covered!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neckwear for Your Wedding

The bride wore diamonds, the horse, a necklace of flowers and greens.  This wedding may have been rustic but it wasn't inexpensive! Of course you don't have to go all out, but I love the way the flower 'necklet' was designed.  It would be just as pretty an accessory on your big dog.  So if you don't have a white horse, don't worry, just decorate your labrador retriever. 

Other standouts at this wedding were the signature drinks, an assortment of lemonades in a variety of flavors.  The jars of juice were displayed on this flower adorned 'bar'... Even the pets 'bellyed up' to check out what there was to drink.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegetables Create Stunning Centerpieces

Want to make your centerpieces out of something that's not expensive flowers? Try these easy to make vegetable centerpieces.   The directions and more ideas for making these centerpieces are on Project Wedding's web site.  

You can add some moss, yellow roses and berries to make the asparagus candles the perfect centerpiece.  You can change the color of the ribbons and/or the roses to get a customized look. 

Whether your looking at them from the side or the top, these do it yourself centerpieces wow the viewer.  I'll admit to not completing the centerpieces, but I did do the three candles surrounded by asparagus, as well as the asparagus votive holders--all super simple for even the least craft-able person. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

White Pumpkin Centerpieces

Fall weddings are the perfect time to use white pumpkins in your wedding centerpieces. While not as widely available as their orange cousins, the white pumpkins add a bridal look to your tablescape. 

You can hollow them out and use them as a vase or hollow out the centers and add a votive candle for the center of your tables.  Decoate them with bling -- Options are only limited by your imagination.

Where can you get white pumpkins? Last weekend Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania had a huge stack of them outside, but I'm sure there are other places to pick some up.  And if they had them in that store, they're probably widely available at other stores. 

If you want to use a white foam pumpkin try the design by April Hiler Designs shown above.  I'm not usually a huge fan of silk flowers or faux anything, but love this design! April has other great designs available in her Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Fabulous Wedding Centerpieces

Why consider thinking outside the box for your wedding centerpieces? Sticker shock for one.  If you are looking for options that won't break the bank, try these five fabulous wedding centerpieces that look great too. Wedding centerpieces can run the gamut from the hot colored succulents to aromatic coffee beans. Those fancy floral arrangements are not just expensive they don't give you wedding a personal touch.  What other five ideas can you use to vamp up your centerpieces? Here are a five of my favorite wedding centerpieces. Why did I choose these? They all offer great color and/or aroma.  I'm a big fan of appealing to as many senses as possible when you're planning centerpieces. 

1.  OK, I admit it, my favorite is succulents.  Head to your local Home Depot and pick up some individual succulents.  If you're really creative, once you get them home get out your air brush paint and turn the succulents into pieces that will wow your guests and keep them guessing about "where did she get these..." When I first saw these I spent hours running searches for purple succulents--needless to say I didn't find any as brightly colored as these since their color is due to paint.  They're easy to do plus inexpensive.

Photos and designs courtesy of:

2.  Instead of a large floral centerpiece go with submerged candles in a tall vase with some flowers submerged.  This is a great way to make flowers like orchids go farther if you don't have a large budget or you can even use silks for these.  Face it, who is going to dip their hand into the water to check?  OK, I admit, I know a few people who might....but they're not invited to the wedding! Or check out the great daisies above.  Simple to do yourself or have your florist put together at a lower cost than most centerpieces.

3. Choose using a variety of fruit artfully displayed.  If you're planning a wedding in a colonial venue consider a cone covered with apples with a pineapple on top (OK, I know that sounds weird, but click the link to the right and you'll see what I mean.  It's actually pretty easy to make.  See this link. Otherwise consider adding apples, grapes and berries to your centerpieces at the bottom of the vase, it gives a great pop of color and adds a great scent to your table displays.

4. Consider using items like legumes or coffee beans.  Add a bow and it wows as an inexpensive centerpiece.

5.  Paper flowers are another great option.  Less expensive than live blooms (and you can make them yourself.  Visit Do It Yourself Wedding Planning to learn how to make your own.  Or has paper artists who can save you from getting paper cuts making your own.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Is It Real? Or ...

Today's vintage look includes mixing and matching everything from chairs to china to your flowers--some real, some great paper creations.  The soft colors echo the rest of the wedding decor.  Consider combining your real flowers with some paper flowers in your bouquet and on your table, they look so creative!