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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gourds, Pumpkins and Fruit Wedding Centerpieces

Fall Florals For Your Centerpieces from Martha Stewart via Dallas Wedding Planners.  This combination of fruit, gords and pumpkins pulls the season together for a stylish wedding.  Give your florist this for inspiration and let them make it your own. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DIY Aisle and Altar Flowers

Pink and Yellow Rose Petals make a unique aisle for the bride and her attendants courtesy of Martha at: DIY Altar or Aisle Flowers
Place large hurricane vases (made for floating candles) and add rose petals to the pretty floating candles and use the along the side of an aisle of multi-colored rose petals. Be sure to fill in any small holes under the aisle area to make a smooth aisle. Visit Martha's web site for additional ideas for DIY Aisle or Altar Flowers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flowers That Won't Wilt For Your Wedding

Photo by Claire Marika and directions at:

Looking to save money on your bouquet and boutonnieres? Visit The Bride's Cafe and see how to make felt floral bouquets and bouts. This is a relatively simple DIY project although it may take some time so don't leave it until the last minute!

Or if you'd rather work with crepe paper go to for ideas for a similar crepe paper bouquet seen below. Use as bouquets or centerpieces.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Succulents for Your Centerpieces

Photos and designs by Victoria Ahn at:
Succulents are popular with today's brides and Victoria Ahn combines the Eastern look with simple succulent centerpieces.  From simple to more complex these centerpieces will make your wedding memorable for your guests.  Head to Ahn's web site to see her designs that are a combination of balance and simplicity.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flowers as Living Art

Design and photo courtesy of Designs By Ahn

Victoria Ahn is a floral designer who takes floral design to the next level.  She is an artist with color and texture as well as flowers.  This photo is a beautiful design composed of textured flowers like hyacinth, leucadendron and dusty miller placed in a tall circular vase with a leaf insert. 

Victoria has a background in modern dance and ballet as well as interior design which she translates into floral designs best described as 'living art.'  Look for Asian as well as European influences in Ahn's designs.  Visit her web site at for some ideas of some of her designs and to find out how to contact her to make an appointment for a consultation. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easter Lily Backdrop

Easter Lily Backdrop courtesy of and from Veronica at My Hands Made it,

Looking for a way to turn a plain room into a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony? This Easter Lily backdrop(credited originally to Martha) can be found on on a post from Veronica at My Hands Made It

While this would be expensive to make with fresh flowers the directions on the Ruffled blog are for artificial lilies (easier to keep looking fresh for those of us without floral refrigerators too!) 

Combine with a spray of lilies for the bride and it will knock them dead!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love to Go! Order Your 'Love' Online from Whole Foods

Whole Foods Markets offers great Valentine's Day specials.  They have 20 roses for $20, 20 tulips arranged in a vase with filler, 29.99, Whole Trade Guarantee Rose Arrangements 12 Premium Long Stem roses 44.99 or 24 Premium Long Stem roses $69.99.  You can order and pay for these online through February 12.  Go to to place your order or stop in your closest Whole Foods Market.   
20 for 20 roses Photo courtesy of Whole Foods web site

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fans Instead of Flowers?

Photos courtesy of: Aero Home at:

This elegant variety of fans are perfect to use as favors for guests or to have your bridesmaids carry instead of flowers.

These fans take the ho-hum everyday fan to the extraordinary. Made of bamboo and a variety of papers they're sure to make your wedding unique and elegant. Other designs are available on the Aero web site.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rose Frosted Mini-Cupcake Centerpieces

Looking for an inexpensive but unique wedding centerpiece?  Just visit The Frugal Girls web site and see the step by step directions on making these great cupcakes.  A nice change from a tower of cupcakes as a centerpiece on a table.  Just find some interesting containers either at garage sales or Goodwill and fill them with roses for everyone at the table.  One thing, be sure you have a container large enough for the number of people at the table.

Simple and Sweet (Not to Mention EASY) Centerpieces

Photo courtesy of:

Looking for a simple and DIY centerpiece? Just combine three colors of Gerbera daisies (you can go real or silk) in a tall but elegant vase, with four votive candles (or their battery operated counterparts if you venue does not allow candles) on a mirrored circle, and VOILA!  A centerpiece you can put together in minutes yourself (or have your best friends pull together for you).  Love simple designs that do not break the bank.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bright Monochromatic Flower Look For Bridesmaids

Photo courtesy of Embrace Life Photography, / The Knot
A new look for bridesmaids is to have each one carry their own signature color for their bouquet. Another option is to create bouquets in different hues of the same color. Opt to be different but with flair! Also the use of crystal vases in the photo can give you flowers for your head table without adding additional cost. Save money and look great? What could be better?

Sweet Visions Crystal Vase Trio

Try this combo of colors on your tables to give a unique color display for your guests. A trio of crystal vases holds pink roses in two, and a cluster of green hydrangea in the third. Crystal vases finish off this polished look.  Photo courtesy of Bedminster Florists. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Have a Cool Wedding!

                                         Photo courtesy of:

Having a late spring or summer wedding? Consider providing your guests with these lovely silk wedding fans. As you walk down the aisle you'll feel the cool breeze from these beautiful silk wedding fans. Fans are not just a pretty accessory but they are also a practical one when your wedding day can go from mild and sunny to hot and humid in a short time. These fans are great additions for weddings with Asian/oriental themes or a southern theme. You an also add them at your reception as a wedding favor especially if you're having an outdoor wedding. Another option is to use them with a flower attached for your bridesmaids to carry. Practical and pretty, what more can you ask?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking For Flower Ideas? Try The Philadelphia Flower Show

Photo Courtesy of:

Each year The Philadelphia Flower Show is THE place to see the newest offerings in floral and garden design. Not only can you see interesting and unusual flowers but the show offers exhibits of spectacular gardens and ideas for you to implement.

Robertson's Flowers will be presenting a wedding at Notre Dame. Eric Shellack, the wedding and special events specialist at Robertson's, will help create this incredible fantasy wedding including everything from gargoyles to flying buttresses.

There will also be garden designs that the parents of the bride might want to incorporate into their backyard to turn it into a wedding venue for their son or daughter. Why not invest money in your own home and yard instead of renting space at a restaurant or hall? With prices for rentals running as high as $5,000 it only makes sense (and cents) to invest it in your own property. The addition of a gazebo or outdoor living area for a wedding will increase the value of your home. Companies like EP Henry are exhibiting and have their specialists on hand to help you with redesigning your outdoor spaces. For a full list of exhibitors check the Flower Show web site at

The Marketplace will provide show visitors with the opportunity to make purchases from over 180 retailers from the around the world. They will feature unique merchandise for your garden and your home. Another great opportunity for brides to be to shop for their wedding or rehersal dinner.

The Marketplace

So dollar for dollar a trip to The Philadelphia Flower Show is a must see for brides and event planners looking for inspiration for this years weddings.