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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Succulent Bouquet

In love with succulents but don't want a whole bouquet of them? This bride's florist has managed to combine succulents with purple and white flowers and green and white leaves to make a stunning bouquet. I don't suggest throwing a bouquet with succulents, rather have your florist make a toss bouquet from silks.
And if you are looking for a great photographer, look no farther than adi nevo photographs. They take stunning photos that will help you remember your wedding day with the most glorious photos you can imagine! Visit adi nevo photographs site here. They have more succulent ideas for you here (click the drop box and watch each of the choices). There are a large assortment of varied bridal bouquets as well as circlets for a flower girl made with succulents that is stunning. It is the lucky bride who signs on the dotted line with adi nevo photographs for her wedding.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Floral Pearl Pins Are A Must!

Want to make your wedding bouquet stand out? Wrap the stems, cover with ribbon and encircle with a contrasting belt and the pièce de résistance -- finish off the bottom with pearl floral pins. This makes your bouquet look like a million bucks when it really only costs a few extra cents. Thank to The Wedding Bee for this photo and idea. (Beez Designs, the florist listed and credited by The Wedding Bee, no longer has a web page.)
Would love to carry these down the aisle! But if you are throwing your bouquet, I recommend leaving the pearl topped pins off the bouquet you have made to toss!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wedding Bouquets Go From Standard to Standout!

Photo from Style Me Pretty Photo by Ned Jackson Photography

A little bit of pearl,  a tiny glittery butterfly, shell flowers, and some feather fringe accent your wedding bouquet and take it from standard to standout. This bouquet will bring tears to your eyes!

Quoted in Style Me Pretty the bride said "For my bouquet, I created some shell flowers by adhering small pink petal-shaped shells to pearl bead centers and then mounted each one to a separate wire to make it easy for our florist, Katie McConnell, to incorporate them into the feather- fringed fresh floral bouquet."

In this instance the bride's creativity and the florist's skill blended to make a standout bouquet for the bride to carry on her wedding day.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ideas

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony

Having a wedding that isn't in a church and need a backdrop? Vintage doors are a wonderful answer. below find some ideas offered by Intimate Weddings. Be sure to secure the door so it will stay up in a brisk wind for safety. 

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony
courtesy of Intimate Weddings

Visit their web site to see yet more ideas (creative bunch aren't they?) And not only that, they have ideas for brides to incorporate into their weddings that won't break the bank--my favorite kind!

All Photos of Rustic Door background for wedding ceremony
courtesy of Intimate Weddings

Want a broader backdrop? Or to frame the scenery in the background? Try stinging banners between two distressed doors! Perfect backdrop for your 'I do's."