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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cherry Blossoms for Your Tabletop Decor.

Photo and Item courtesy of ABespoke Touch's Shop

The artist describes these as "carefully created little cherry blossom flowers" that  "can be used to scatter on your wedding table for decoration, very sweet alongside tea lights. Perfect as a substitute for rose petals!
If you need something for your flower girl to carry in her basket these are ideal! Some venues won't allow you to scatter rose petals as they discolour and stick to carpets but these fabric flowers are perfect for scattering down the aisle!"

Contact the artist if you need different color combinations or different center beads. The item has matching jewellery, bookmarks, napkin rings, Invitations and other accessories. 10 flowers for $5. The artist recommends using "at least 30 flowers per table of 8-10 people, for my own wedding I used 30-50 per table and it seemed perfect." See web site for bulk discounts.

Cherry Blossom Weddings

Looking for a simple yet romantic accent for your tabletops?  These artificial cherry blossoms in simple white vases are an easy DIY project for the bride.  Since they aren't alive, no watering required, so you can put them together well ahead of time.  Consider sprinkling some pink 'diamonds' on the tabletop or adding some pink votives if you think it looks a little bare.  $10.99/set of two.

Wreaths for Weddings

All photos and designs courtesy of:

For your wedding why not consider bringing the warmth and beauty of nature indoors and compliment any room with Organic Bouquet's eco-friendly and sustainable wreaths and swags. Simple yet attractive designs. Great on walls, doors or windows. Around $50. each. Organic Bouquet also ships large quantities of flowers, just check their web site for which flowers are available and for costs.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Alison Bucholz-Ellis' Flower Designs For Your Wedding

Photos and Design Courtesy of the Artists at: Floral Artistry by Alison Bucholz-Ellis at

Alison once again strikes gold with her gold medal worthy designs for both ceremony and tabletop.  It makes me wish I lived in Vermont so she could do my flowers! So instead I will just have to admire from afar and hope she trains some excellent interns and sends them south!  These designs show the range of her artistry, or at least attempt to. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Balsa Wood Bridal Bouquet

Balsa wood bridal bouquets? Who would have thought? They are handmade from tapioca wood peel, also called sola wood, a naturally derived paper product. Since they aren’t technically a live flower, they never die making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to a floral bouquet.

Contact your local florist and see where you can get them. If for some reason your florist can’t find them check out Save on Crafts, they offer art and craft supplies at discounted prices!

Candles -- Easy and Inexpensvie DIY Centerpieces

Photos and ideas courtesy of: offers you a large selection of floating candle kits and craft items needed to make DIY centerpieces for your wedding. Candles offer an inexspensive alternative to large floral arrangements and add to the ambiance of your day. This is a go to place for candle kits, accessories, and centerpiece ideas for you wedding day.