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Friday, February 18, 2011

Flowers That Won't Wilt For Your Wedding

Photo by Claire Marika and directions at:

Looking to save money on your bouquet and boutonnieres? Visit The Bride's Cafe and see how to make felt floral bouquets and bouts. This is a relatively simple DIY project although it may take some time so don't leave it until the last minute!

Or if you'd rather work with crepe paper go to for ideas for a similar crepe paper bouquet seen below. Use as bouquets or centerpieces.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Have been seeing a lot of non-floral bouquets (shells, butterflies, foliage, succulents) lately. Thanks for sharing these additional ideas!

Nancy Vecchione said...

While my personal preference is for real flowers (mostly because I'm a more traditional person)I find the crafters who make these bring a new look to weddings and manage to save money in some instances, especially if you are an excellent DIY'er. Love seeing everyone's ideas of how to make their wedding day more personal.