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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Box It!

Hicks Paper Goods available at the Pizzazzerie is happy to present their new line of adorable favor boxes that can be used in a variety of ways. These boxes  are so versatile they can be used for popcorn, candy, straws, flowers, and so much more! The only limit is your imagination.

These come in a variety of colors so visit their webpage to see all your choices!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cake Pops The Easy Way!

Adding Jewelry to Your Boutonnieres or Corsages

Give the groom's boutonniere (below) some bling! Add a wedding band at the base of a calla lily.  Easy, inexpensive, but distinctive.  Or add a pearl and diamond rings at the base of ladies' corsages.  (above) Love the color of the corsage!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy DIY Rose Topiary

This DIY rose topiary (just click link for exact directions as well as for other great projects) is easy to make and you can keep costs down by ordering your roses in bulk.  The trickiest part is taking the rectangular floral foam and shaping it into something resembling a ball (don't worry, no one gets theirs to look like a ball, more a rounded octagon! But as you add the flowers it will round out.) The different shades of roses give the topiary extra depth.  You use a candle holder with a prong at the base to hold the foam in place and tie a ribbon around the bottom for extra decoration. 

My criteria for DIY projects is can I (the queen of messing up DIY projects!) manage to pull it off.  The hardest part of this one is cutting the foam and anchoring it, so as you can see, that shouldn't be too hard for even the DIY challenged like me! Give it a try.  You don't have to experiment with roses for your trials.  Also you can put the balls and holders together well in advance so you aren't overwhelmed closer to your wedding.   Add a couple of candles or votives to the side for an extra accent and a variation in height.  Enjoy this fun project!

Rose Filled Ice Cubes

Rose Ice Cubes by Jonathan Fong Style are perfect for chilling champagne.  Use them as your centerpiece or as anchors at either end of a self-serve bar.  An easy way to add flowers to your wedding without needing a florist! Just click on the link for simple directions on how to DIY.

Handpainted One-of-a-Kind Birdcage

One of a kind hand painted birdcage available from Janice Burke in suburban Philadelphia.  Also other furniture (much of it from model homes or antiques) all at a good price if you and your groom-to-be are furnishing a new home.  This birdcage would be perfect for a wedding.  Decorative and it was $45, now reduced to $35. The website says it can be mailed though you'd have to contact Janice about the shipping costs. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Shower

Is the bride in love with Lilly Pulitzer? Why not throw a wedding shower with Lilly P's designs and colors?  Check vintage sales for Lilly Pulitzer materials or duvet covers and incorporate them into the shower.  Enjoy this bride's love of all things preppie!  To see more photos of this creative Lilly Pulitzer bridal shower to Couture Parties for more ideas about how to incorporate these into your wedding shower planning.  Or for help planning your wedding visit Stephanie's website where all her contact info is available for lucky brides who manage to secure her services for their wedding planning.  

Green and Pink Inspiration Board

Pretty In Pink

Do it with daisies! This simple DIY project (yes it REALLY is simple) needs votive candles, daisies, ribbon, and glasses. Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the metal rim of the votive candle. Cut off close to the entire stem of the daisy, open petals and put in glass with water. Top each daisy with a lit votive candle. You can have one of these for each guest or run several down the center of your tables. Definitely pretty in pink!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Orchids and Succulents

Consider this unique combination of succulents and orchids for your wedding day.  The color combinations will work with a variety of color schemes and your guests will remember your flowers for years to come!

The wedding was originally featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Photos by James Christianson
Flowers: Unique Sarah (LA Floral District)