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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Fabulous Wedding Centerpieces

Why consider thinking outside the box for your wedding centerpieces? Sticker shock for one.  If you are looking for options that won't break the bank, try these five fabulous wedding centerpieces that look great too. Wedding centerpieces can run the gamut from the hot colored succulents to aromatic coffee beans. Those fancy floral arrangements are not just expensive they don't give you wedding a personal touch.  What other five ideas can you use to vamp up your centerpieces? Here are a five of my favorite wedding centerpieces. Why did I choose these? They all offer great color and/or aroma.  I'm a big fan of appealing to as many senses as possible when you're planning centerpieces. 

1.  OK, I admit it, my favorite is succulents.  Head to your local Home Depot and pick up some individual succulents.  If you're really creative, once you get them home get out your air brush paint and turn the succulents into pieces that will wow your guests and keep them guessing about "where did she get these..." When I first saw these I spent hours running searches for purple succulents--needless to say I didn't find any as brightly colored as these since their color is due to paint.  They're easy to do plus inexpensive.

Photos and designs courtesy of:

2.  Instead of a large floral centerpiece go with submerged candles in a tall vase with some flowers submerged.  This is a great way to make flowers like orchids go farther if you don't have a large budget or you can even use silks for these.  Face it, who is going to dip their hand into the water to check?  OK, I admit, I know a few people who might....but they're not invited to the wedding! Or check out the great daisies above.  Simple to do yourself or have your florist put together at a lower cost than most centerpieces.

3. Choose using a variety of fruit artfully displayed.  If you're planning a wedding in a colonial venue consider a cone covered with apples with a pineapple on top (OK, I know that sounds weird, but click the link to the right and you'll see what I mean.  It's actually pretty easy to make.  See this link. Otherwise consider adding apples, grapes and berries to your centerpieces at the bottom of the vase, it gives a great pop of color and adds a great scent to your table displays.

4. Consider using items like legumes or coffee beans.  Add a bow and it wows as an inexpensive centerpiece.

5.  Paper flowers are another great option.  Less expensive than live blooms (and you can make them yourself.  Visit Do It Yourself Wedding Planning to learn how to make your own.  Or has paper artists who can save you from getting paper cuts making your own.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Thanks for centerpiece options that are both practical AND pretty!

Nancy Vecchione and Bill Vecchione said...

glad you like them, we try to find options for brides that won't break the bank, but are still attractive and interesting. Come back again soon!

Bailey Thompson said...
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Wenni Donna said...

Out of all wedding planning tasks, decoration is my favorite and among everything in decoration, setting up centerpieces is my most favorite. For my wedding, I did all decorations myself at one of iconic wedding venues Los Angeles and everyone appreciated it a lot.