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Friday, September 9, 2011

Painted Ladies--Glamorizing Succulents

Are you a bride in love with succulents? These beauties make perfect centerpieces when grouped together on your tables or spread out in a table scape with some candles in between them.  You've never seen succulents like these before? I'm about to tell you why. The florist spray painted them!  There are reason's I'm NOT a florist!  It never would have occurred to me to spray paint flowers or succulents.  Then some colored stone was added to coordinate with the paint colors used and it pulls the whole look together.  Succulents varied in shades as did the colored stones used.  Who created these? The florist on Flowers by Bornay Inspiration web site.

If you look through the posts you'll find other great floral ideas to use for inspiration.  Be sure to leave a comment letting them know how much you like their ideas.  For more information on painting succulents go to my DIY site.  Don't forget you'll need a few accent succulents for your bouquet as well!  And best of all, you can use them as your wedding favors too--talk about double duty and instant re-purposing!

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