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Monday, October 24, 2011

Succulents for Weddings Have Gone Mainstream

A few years ago using succulents was an offbeat addition to a wedding bouquet.  Today succulents are widely used by brides who are in the know and who like an edgy look.  The above bouquet is from this site which has some offbeat ideas but traditional brides are edging in on their ideas more and more everyday. 

Some brides carry succulents, some use succulents for centerpieces.  Whichever you  choose to do it's sure to be noteworthy.

I totally fell in love with the bouquet above.  The colors and design of the bride's bouquet will have guests talking about them and raving! This photo from Floral: JL Designs photo by Stephanie Williams. 

Whatever look you go for, seriously consider including succulents in your floral design for your wedding. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Succulents--The Highlight of Modern Wedding Bouquets

Succulents are one of the new trends in wedding 'flowers.'  One reason brides and their florists love using succulents in wedding bouquets is they don't need much water and are unusually hardy plants. 

Wedding colors have changed from the pinks and blues of yesteryear to the more modern peach, orange, pink, and coffee combinations.  This bouquet mixes the traditional elements with the more contemporary ones.  Cafe au lait colored bridesmaid gowns are the perfect foil for this peach, pink and yellow combination of traditional flowers and alternative color choices (seen above).  This bouquet contains a blend of traditional and alternative elements combined in this artistic arrangement of garden roses, paniculata hydrangeas, bittersweet, and scabiosa pods.  Photo and concept from Wedding Bouquets by Style--Martha Stewart Weddings.

Another succulent option courtesy of Martha Stewart is the hand-tied bouquet above. Succulents resembling flowers are the perfect combined with spotted phalaenopsis orchids. The assortment of succulents shown above is wired and tucked among columbine, white-and-pink ranunculus, and plum-colored tulips.

This white floral bouquet with varying shades of green is perfect for the bride who wants a bouquet free from color.  Fresh millet, bay laurel, and succulents are combined in this bouquet full of natural beauty.  For the link to Martha's site where you can find this and other succulent bouquets click here.

Read through the rest of this blog and The Wedding Queen's blog for more succulent wedding bouquets and centerpieces. 

And The Bride Carried Blue - Flowers That Is

Brides who love blue will want to carry this blue delphinium hand-tied bouquet.  Perfect for a bride who loves the hand-tied look and who wants that garden wedding effect. 

For brides who don't want the cascading look, here's another blue delphinium bouquet, not quite as large and heavy, but still with that garden party look.

If you like a denser look with some additional flowers and greens introduced, this blue delphinium bouquet from The Knot might be your bouquet of choice.

Photo of flowers by Holly Chapple flowers

For bouquet that is a mix of blue and white, this creative florist used white tulips, light and dark blue hydrangea, white mini callas, white stock, blue delphinium and blue triteleia. The bouquet is finished off with satin ribbon and pins for that hand-tied bouquet look. 

No matter which blue bouquet is your favorite, you'll have your 'something blue' covered!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neckwear for Your Wedding

The bride wore diamonds, the horse, a necklace of flowers and greens.  This wedding may have been rustic but it wasn't inexpensive! Of course you don't have to go all out, but I love the way the flower 'necklet' was designed.  It would be just as pretty an accessory on your big dog.  So if you don't have a white horse, don't worry, just decorate your labrador retriever. 

Other standouts at this wedding were the signature drinks, an assortment of lemonades in a variety of flavors.  The jars of juice were displayed on this flower adorned 'bar'... Even the pets 'bellyed up' to check out what there was to drink.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegetables Create Stunning Centerpieces

Want to make your centerpieces out of something that's not expensive flowers? Try these easy to make vegetable centerpieces.   The directions and more ideas for making these centerpieces are on Project Wedding's web site.  

You can add some moss, yellow roses and berries to make the asparagus candles the perfect centerpiece.  You can change the color of the ribbons and/or the roses to get a customized look. 

Whether your looking at them from the side or the top, these do it yourself centerpieces wow the viewer.  I'll admit to not completing the centerpieces, but I did do the three candles surrounded by asparagus, as well as the asparagus votive holders--all super simple for even the least craft-able person.