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Monday, October 24, 2011

Succulents for Weddings Have Gone Mainstream

A few years ago using succulents was an offbeat addition to a wedding bouquet.  Today succulents are widely used by brides who are in the know and who like an edgy look.  The above bouquet is from this site which has some offbeat ideas but traditional brides are edging in on their ideas more and more everyday. 

Some brides carry succulents, some use succulents for centerpieces.  Whichever you  choose to do it's sure to be noteworthy.

I totally fell in love with the bouquet above.  The colors and design of the bride's bouquet will have guests talking about them and raving! This photo from Floral: JL Designs photo by Stephanie Williams. 

Whatever look you go for, seriously consider including succulents in your floral design for your wedding. 

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