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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rustic Futuristic Flowers

Looking for a rustic centerpiece with a futuristic look? I found this one on Pinterest. Save your wine carafes (yes, you'll have to force yourself to drink all that wine (or better yet, have a party and use it all up!) and reuse them as vases. Then try using paper flowers similar to the ones you've seen in other posts either here or on Do It Yourself Wedding Planning.  Here are the links: try this one, this one, and this one(a wreath).  You can also find more paper flowers all over  Some are made from crepe paper, others from old books and newspapers.

Flowers made from crepe paper, old books or newspaper or a combineation of the two are more eco-friendly than some of their very pretty but pricey live counterparts.  For instance consider the price you'd pay for those fancy roses flown in from Ecuador, not just the dollars but the carbon footprint you'd leave behind.

Your paper flowers are also a nice memento of your wedding day; you can use them in your home long after you wedding is over. 

Paper flowers aren't just for centerpieces.  Some Etsy artists can make an entire wedding bouquet from paper flowers.

So if you're looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding use paper flowers, reuse old wine carafes, and add some branches you can find outside.  Less expensive, better for the ecology... if every bride tried to reuse items instead of buying new items for decorating at her wedding we would save more than just money!  So don't just love this rustic and futuristic centerpiece because it's pretty, love it because it's GREEN!

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