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Monday, June 11, 2012

Unusual Vases

Photo from Elegant Bride 2009
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Don't you love these crystal vases? Add some simple white flowers and they make the perfect centerpiece. Floral designers agree that a great vase adds a luxe look to your flowers. So look at these crystal vases...gorgeous!

But look again--they aren't lead crystal, they're ice crystals! All these displays are carved from ice giving your tables a dramatic look without the investment in lead crystal. No Waterford or Orrefors here. Just their ice counterparts.  They evolve as your wedding reception does, changing ever so slightly as they melt. Consider finding a good ice carver who can bring your wedding from the great to the incredible!

The ice designs shown here are from Okamoto Studios. These are not inexpensive, so you may want to consider using just one on the bridal party's table. Go with regular crystal on the guest tables. Or if you want to splurge  (or are having a small wedding) go for the ice art!

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