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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robin's Egg Blue Wedding?

It's not Tiffany blue or a more aggressive cobalt, or even a nautical navy, instead it's the more refined and unique look of robin's egg blue that accent this wedding. 
Whether you choose to use the color in the bow on your wedding gown or bags for your wedding favors or out of town guests, the color confers a look of understated elegance on your wedding day.
My favorite? The bow on the bouquet and the decorated swing the ring bearer is standing on.  Both make great photos and add that little something extra to your wedding.  Whether it's the elegance of the bow on your bouquet or the relaxed look having a swing confers on your picnic wedding robin's egg blue brings a natural look to your big day. 
The flower girl almost looks like she's wearing denim, no frou frou Cinderella dress for her.  No, this is a little lady who is conceding to leave her jeans at home in deference to your day, but who isn't about to get dressed up like 'little bride.' She keeps her own personality and adds panache to the look of your day.
Birds nests and terrariums act as centerpieces on your tabletops.  And the wedding cake is a simple two tier cake with blue buttercream icing with cream colored edging. Simple. Understated. Elegant.

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

One of my favorite shades of blue!