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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oudoor Wedding Project? To Do Or Not?

Photo courtesy of Turtle Pond, posted on Pinterest
Are you planning an outdoor wedding? While the photo above might be taking it a little over the top if you are trying to keep expenses down, it certainly is a good place to start thinking. 
Chandeliers are very popular recently and you might be able to find some that aren't real but that would give you 'the look.'
The 'altar' is a perfect starting point for someone who is out checking garage sales for 'just the right piece' to use at their wedding. The bonus? It will be perfect in your new home as well!
The draping is basically huge curtains hung high to give the illusion of a cathedral. All of this you can do yourself.
The flowers I admit, I'd call a good florist for, some projects are easier for a professional to do!
All in all I thought this was a great photo to inspire you to start thinking about how you want your outdoor wedding area to look. What do you think? Could you pull this together?

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