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Monday, May 28, 2012

Peacock Wreath

Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

Are you a peacock bride? Do you want to add some bright colored feathers to your decor? Your bouquet? Your centerpieces? HGTV has a wreath that is sure to please! Bright colors, great texture, perfect for decorating! Not only that, you can make one yourself! Oh yeah! Just the thing! Inexpensive wow factors for your wedding!

Just go to HGTV's site and look for their easy Christmas crafts. There it is! The whole tutorial is there and available for you, step by step. Simple. Easy. Yes, this is an EEEBCDI! (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It). Which for those of you who read my DIY blog know means I tested how easy it was to execute by having my husband attempt to pull it off and have it look great. So yes, this is easy, so grab your groom and have him help you out!

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