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Friday, June 17, 2011

Succulents--OK, I Know, You've Seen Them Before BUT...READ ON!

And the bride carried a bouquet featuring SUCCULENTS! I fell in love when I saw these photos featured on Green Wedding Shoes.  I think what I love about these hardy little plants is that they are the one plant I cannot kill! I know, pathetic right? The perennial black thumb! But I think this makes them the perfect wedding flower--surviving through thick and thin--always coming back--loyal, well you get the idea.  In all, a perfect flower for a wedding!  Not only that they are great combined with other 'pretty' flowers to make an eye-catching display. 

These simple white vases--filled with tiny succulents accent each table--creating a miniature oasis of greenery everywhere you look.

Create a living wall of succulents to tie in with the tabletop decorations--perfection! I love living walls! There are a lot of ways to create them, but since these are temporary it makes them a lot easier to design and make. 


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

That "living wall" of framed succulents is such a fresh idea (no pun intended)!

Nancy Vecchione said...

You fresh thing you! I know, I fell in love with living walls and tried them at home on an old stone garage wall that we left up after we tore the rest of the garage down--have been in love with living walls ever since! Thought they'd work well for a wedding and especially with succulents that required little watering.