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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Custom Crystal Bouquet -- An Offbeat Option to Flowers

All Photos courtesy of Refinerii at

Etsy seller Refinerii offers the bride who is looking for an unusual option for flowers a custom aluminum bouquet decorated with your choice of Swarovski Austrian crystals, fresh-water or crystal pearls, glass beads, vintage rhinestones, etc. You can color coordinate your bouquet with the rest of your wedding if you want something other than just white or crystal. Not for the faint of heart but perfect for the bride who wants something just a little bit different or who wants a bouquet that lasts. Refinerii suggests repurposing your bouquet as a Christmas tree topper. Nothing like getting more bang for your buck!

But I suggest getting a different bouquet if you're planning on tossing it, this one could do some serious damage to some unlucky single girl! 

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