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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saving Money on Your Flowers

Photo courtesy of Designs by Ahn

At a recent bridal show I talked to a bride who passed on this tip.  She bought her flowers in the Flower District in NYC.  The public aren't allowed in early enough to get the top notch blooms but you can still get great flowers if you go later in the morning.  She reported spending $200. for her flowers which included her vases and supplies to arrange her flowers and make bouquets, some rented candelabras, and a combination of roses, dahlias, irises, sunflowers and greenery/fillers.  Roses can often be purchased for under ten dollars for a bunch of 25!  So check your city and find out where the florists buy their stock. 

Another great option is to buy your flowers at a wholesale club like BJs or Costco.  Check out their web sites for prices and availability or stop in and talk to the manager in the store.  Why pay florist prices if you can cut out the charges they add for the flowers? 

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